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Help…Is Anyone Listening? Monique Castillo

Have you ever felt like you weren't being lis­tened to? If so, you know how frus­trat­ing it can be.

Recently my hus­band reordered a pair of shoes and the com­pany sent the wrong size. I called cus­tomer ser­vice to get the right size. A lady answered and I explained our sit­u­a­tion. She inter­rupted me and said she just needed our last name, and then she told me to check my email for return instructions.

I felt rushed, and I won­dered how she had my email, since we never gave it to her. I asked more ques­tions, only to be told "just check your email." I sensed she wanted to get off the phone.

I really wanted to ask her what kind of call cen­ter train­ing she'd received. Instead, I asked her how she had our email, and she replied "Well, isn't your email xyz…?" I told her it wasn't, and she asked for my husband's first name. It turns out she was look­ing at another person's account with the same last name.

Only then did she start lis­ten­ing to me.

Cus­tomers should never feel like they are not being heard. In order for busi­nesses to thrive, cus­tomers' needs must be lis­tened to and under­stood. Effec­tive lis­ten­ing skills are essen­tial to pro­vide qual­ity ser­vice to customers.

Below are some effec­tive lis­ten­ing tips:

  • Avoid mak­ing assump­tions –when you assume you know what cus­tomers need, you are set­ting your­self up for fail­ure. Lis­ten to what cus­tomers say so you have accu­rate information.
  • Focus on your cus­tomer - don't be dis­tracted by other thoughts or out­side forces. When some­one is speak­ing, focus only on them.
  • Lis­ten for key feel­ings - not only are spo­ken words impor­tant, but also how your cus­tomer feels. Being aware of feel­ings enables you to be customer-focused.
  • Take notes — keep a notepad acces­si­ble to cap­ture impor­tant infor­ma­tion. This allows you to recap infor­ma­tion to your cus­tomer and pro­vide them with qual­ity service.

So what do you think.…are you a good lis­tener? If you answered "yes", that is good news. If you answered "no", don't worry, because good lis­ten­ing skills can be learned.

Monique Castillo is an Impact Per­for­mance Spe­cial­ist with knowl­edge and back­ground in cus­tomer ser­vice, sales, coach­ing and men­tor­ing. When she is not help­ing cus­tomers improve their busi­ness, she is also a world trav­eler, gym enthu­si­ast, and an aspir­ing foodie.
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  • Glenn Friesen

    I'm lis­ten­ing to ya. :)

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