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Positive Coaching Can Lead to Satisfied Employees ErinPalmer


Positive work environments make it easier for employees to successfully create, collaborate and produce strong work. An optimistic atmosphere can also help to retain stellar employees and reduce turnover rates. For this reason, companies are beginning to put emphasis on the role of positive coaching through their managers and leaders. Strong organizational leadership can help lead to creating an optimistic work environment.

Optimistic Leaders Create an Optimistic Work Environment

Would you rather work in a somber environment or a happy one? Would you prefer an environment where the managers seem miserable and stressed or one that promotes positivity through its leaders? It is unlikely that an employee would seek out a workplace that promotes negativity. An optimistic leader can help reduce workplace stress and be a role model for the employees.

Creating an optimistic environment doesn’t require major changes to how an organization works. Small adjustments can create a large difference. For example, taking a jab at an employee who is late for a meeting can affect them negatively and take time away from the rest of the attendees. Even if the employee is to blame, during the meeting isn’t the time to address it. However, moving on will help the employee get focused and not waste anyone’s time. Quietly addressing the matter after the meeting has ended is more effective and less abrasive.

People Appreciate When Their Hard Work is Acknowledged

Another small way that managers can promote a positive environment is through appreciating and acknowledging the hard work an employee has done. It is a simple concept, but it has a powerful effect on employee satisfaction.

People know that they work hard and they like to feel appreciated for it. This gives them motivation to continue producing quality work and gives them affirmation of their skills and abilities. Moreover, acknowledging a job well done showcases the caliber of work that the manager expects to see. The employee can feel gratified and have a standard of work to aspire to.

Focusing on an Employee’s Positive Attributes Can Foster Confidence

By celebrating an employee’s positive attributes, leaders foster confidence within the employee. Confident employees are more likely to speak up at meetings and offer ideas. This can benefit the entire team by strengthening collaboration.

Also, confident employees can help to improve delegation. When employees know that they are capable of performing, they can take on more responsibilities. It also allows the employees to turn to one another with questions instead of needing constant help from management. All in all, productivity increases.

Positive Mentoring Can Help an Employee Grow

Positive mentoring can have a great influence on an organization. A better overall mood among employees, enhanced job satisfaction, greater engagement and improved performance can all come from effective mentoring.

Try having some one-on-ones with your employees every once in a while. Allow your employees to offer suggestions and take on new projects. A leader who actively participates in an employee’s development can help the employee succeed within the company. This helps to keep the best talent in-house.

A Positive Atmosphere Can Lead to More Honest Communication

If employees feel uncomfortable they will feel less inclined to contribute. Negative work environments can cause fear, job dissatisfaction and even apathy – all of which hinder an employee’s ability to work and their desire to communicate. A positive atmosphere, on the other hand, can promote a better work environment where employees feel comfortable enough to engage, collaborate and communicate.

An employee that is afraid to speak up is not going to be able to accomplish as much. Honest communication helps everyone improve and creates better work. The positive work environment will allow employees to be honest with one another without bashing each other’s progress.

By implementing the aforementioned techniques you can create a positive work environment that promotes engagement, productivity and allows employees to feel satisfied with their work. Rather than focusing on all the things that can go wrong, try shifting your perspective and focus on the positive. Happy employees help create a more successful business.

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This guest post was provided by Erin Palmer on behalf of the online programs of Villanova University. In addition to positive coaching, offering continuing education can lead to satisfied employees. Villanova University’s online programs allow employees to learn without having to take time off from work. Villanova offers courses in human resources certification, project management training, Six Sigma certification, and more.
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