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Reinforce Employee Training in 3 Easy Steps Rachel Miller

Training is an investment, and long-term behavioral change will not be successful without diligent reinforcement by supervisors and managers. Kendra Lee’s article, Use Technology to Reinforce Training in the latest edition of Training provides three executable steps for effectively reinforcing employee training.

  1. E-Mail. Weekly emails with relevant information that can be easily applied to an employee’s daily tasks.
  2. Video. Tips and real-life examples are great content for engaging video that will aid employee knowledge retention.
  3. Other Technology. Internal social media networks such as Yammer or private LinkedIn groups are also ideal ways to share content and reinforce training topics with staff.

Whether you are introducing new procedures, improving existing skills sets, or engaging new employees, technology can play a key role in reinforcing employee training and assisting in long-term behavioral change.

Click here to read the full article.

Rachel Miller has 10 years of e-commerce & e-marketing experience with a passion for social media and all things velcro. A dedicated customer service advocate Rachel believes that every job is a customer service job.
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