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  • Important Vocal SkillsPrac­tice these five vocal skills to max­i­mize cus­tomer experience: Tone: tone reveals how you are feel­ing in gen­eral and how you feel towards the customer Inflec­tion: this refers to the way words and syl­la­bles are empha­sized to con­vey dif­fer­ent mean­ings. Adding extra empha­sis stresses importance. Pitch: low pitched voices are gen­er­ally more calm­ing than high [...]
  • Allow the Customer to VentThe best thing to do when deal­ing with a dis­sat­is­fied cus­tomer is to let them vent. Some­times they are angry and frus­trated so if you inter­rupt them dur­ing their tirade, they are likely to become even angrier. Even­tu­ally they will run out of steam and calm down. At this point, you can deal with them [...]
  • Use names early and oftenUse names early and often. The sweet­est word to any one per­son, in any lan­guage, is that person’s name. Using someone’s name estab­lishes a rap­port of con­cern, atten­tion, and val­ued con­ver­sa­tion. That per­son will leave feel­ing impor­tant and when you remem­ber the name upon your next meet­ing, you’ll be held in much esteem.

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