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  • Match your communication styleMatch your com­mu­ni­ca­tion style to the per­son you’re deal­ing with. Is that per­son a com­man­der (some­one who is emo­tional, dom­i­nant, con­fi­dent), a thinker (con­vinced with logic and sta­tis­tics, val­ues clever or unique design), or a visu­al­izer (likes quick results, the big pic­ture)? Tai­lor your atti­tude to fit those val­ues – pro­ject­ing an image of same­ness [...]
  • The Key to Up-SellingThe key to up-selling is to let your cus­tomers know how they can get bet­ter value by plac­ing a larger order or upgrad­ing to a higher-level prod­uct. Offer­ing a cus­tomer a quan­tity dis­count is a great exam­ple of up-selling.
  • Social Customer ExpectationsIt’s impor­tant to know what cus­tomers expect from social chan­nels. If cus­tomers are reach­ing out to a com­pany through social media sites, they are most likely expect­ing a response. Make sure to answer these requests promptly and per­son­ally. Doing so will make the cus­tomer feel spe­cial and let them know you care about each and [...]

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