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  • Be careful when using jargonIt’s vir­tu­ally impos­si­ble to work in the tech­ni­cal sup­port indus­try and not use jar­gon day in and day out. But keep in mind that many of your cus­tomers may not under­stand the jar­gon terms that you’re so famil­iar with. There are two sim­ple guide­lines when it comes to using jar­gon with cus­tomers: 1. Use sim­ple, [...]
  • Including a signature lineInclud­ing a sig­na­ture line is help­ful because it saves you the incon­ve­nience of hav­ing to write this infor­ma­tion on every e-mail you send. It also lets your cus­tomers know more about you and your orga­ni­za­tion. For pro­fes­sional com­mu­ni­ca­tions, keep your sig­na­ture line sim­ple and straight­for­ward. Use at least your full name and your title or [...]
  • Respect Value DiversityEveryone's def­i­n­i­tion of value is dif­fer­ent. And what's of value to your cus­tomer today may not be so tomor­row. Your job is to under­stand and respect the diverse needs of your customers.

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