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  • Do the best you can alwaysDon’t trans­fer a customer’s call to a co-worker or another depart­ment just because you’re busy or don’t want to do some­thing. Do the best you can – always.
  • Customizing top-notch technical supportTop-notch tech­ni­cal sup­port pro­fes­sion­als cus­tomize their ser­vice to the unique needs of each cus­tomer. They know that their cus­tomers rep­re­sent a broad range of diver­sity. Some are knowl­edge­able and some are not; some care only about the solu­tion while oth­ers want to under­stand the steps lead­ing up to the solu­tion; some would pre­fer to look [...]
  • Keep an open mindWhen talk­ing to a cus­tomer, keep an open mind when ask­ing ques­tions about the prob­lem, the user, or the envi­ron­ment. And lis­ten! To do a good job, you must guard against mak­ing pre­ma­ture assump­tions that can lead you off in the wrong direc­tion and unnec­es­sar­ily com­pli­cate or lengthen your calls.

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