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Call Center Metrics

Call cen­ter man­agers use met­rics — a set of mea­sure­ments — to quan­tify per­for­mance and results.

There are two types of call cen­ter met­rics to pay atten­tion two: pro­duc­tiv­ity met­rics and qual­ity met­rics.

  • Pro­duc­tiv­ity Metrics

    Pro­duc­tiv­ity met­rics in a call cen­ter mea­sure to how effec­tive your agents are in uti­liz­ing their time and how effi­cient they are in bal­anc­ing the var­i­ous aspects of their jobs.

    To mea­sure pro­duc­tiv­ity, you keep track of met­rics gen­er­ated by the auto­mated call dis­trib­u­tor (ACD), var­i­ous com­puter soft­ware pro­grams, or the phone system.There are a num­ber of call cen­ter met­rics to track. Here are a few of the more com­mon ones:

  • Qual­ity Metrics

    Qual­ity met­rics in a call cen­ter refer to how well agents accom­plish their tasks, espe­cially their pri­mary func­tion of cus­tomer contact.

    These qual­ity met­rics fall into two categories:

    • Stan­dards

      Stan­dards describe the min­i­mum accept­able level of per­for­mance for all agents. These will vary from call cen­ter to call cen­ter, but will include behav­iors such as giv­ing the appro­pri­ate greet­ing, ver­i­fy­ing the cus­tomer name and address, and giv­ing accu­rate infor­ma­tion. When mea­sur­ing Stan­dards, you  deter­mine whether or not they were met.

    • Objec­tives

      Objec­tives are qual­i­ta­tive; they describe some­thing that will be accom­plished to dif­fer­ent degrees depend­ing on the agent’ skill level and on the unique prop­er­ties of the call, e-mail, or chat ses­sion. Typ­i­cal objec­tives include build­ing rap­port with the cus­tomer, han­dling chal­lenges effec­tively, and using empa­thy as appro­pri­ate. When mea­sur­ing objec­tives, you assess how well they were met.

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