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Customer Service Certification

Customer Service Certification

Nothing improves customer satisfaction like dealing with employees who exhibit world-class customer service or sales skills, are proud of their work, and see themselves as professionals. These employees love coming to work and serving customers. They are loyal and committed to providing their best for both the company and the customer.

Investing in professional customer service certification for individuals is a way to show your employees you care, improve their skills, and add to their sense of professionalism. And receiving a Heart of Service award for your department raises the level of your department in the eyes of your customers and shows your commitment to providing them with quality service.

Individual Certification

Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)

There are two levels of CCSP certification for individuals:

Level 1 – Knowledge Certification

  • Complete one of Impact’s world-class service or sales training programs
  • Pass a certification test 30 days or more after training had been completed.

Lag time on the certification test provides assurance that knowledge has been retained.

Level 2 – Experience Certification

  • Obtain Level CCSP certification
  • Pass 85% of calls monitored.

Experience certification provides assurance that skills learned in training are being applied on the job.

Department Certification

Heart of Service Award
There are two levels of certification for departments:

Level 1 – Knowledge Certification

90% of front-line employees and 90% of supervisors have received CCSP Level 1 certification.

Level 2 – Experience Certification

  • Level 1 department certification has been reached
  • 90% of the department is passing 85% of monitored calls

Show your customers and employees you care. Start the certification process now.

Partner Certification

If you have technical support or field service employees, you may also be interested in certification offered through our partner organizations: CompTIA, and TSIA

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