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Customer Service Solutions

90% of North American firms view customer experience as important or critical to their plans. 80% of the firms would like to use customer experience as a form of differentiation.

Source: Forrester’s The State Of Customer Experience, 2010

Customer Service Solutions

Differentiating your company on service is a strategic goal for many businesses. How successful you’ll be will depend on your ability to:

Like changing the tires on a moving car, finding the time to make necessary changes while meeting your company or departmental goals can be next to impossible…without help, that is. Impact to the rescue!

Customer Service Solutions for Executives

With an Impact Customer Service Assessment, our team of experienced professionals will examine your customer service vision, current performance, service culture, and operations and provide recommendations on how to optimize both people and processes so you can differentiate your company in a way that improves customer loyalty and profits.

Customer Service Solutions for Managers

Our performance improvement specialists help you and your team boost customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs by showing you how to quickly and affordably:

  • Improve resolution rates
  • Reduce escalations
  • Increase sales
  • Streamline procedures
  • Improve turnover

Customer Service Solutions for Trainers

We make it easy for you to impart the knowledge, attitude, and skills required to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Our learning methodology minimizes time away from the job, our unique HEART Model™ inspires long-term cultural change, and our best-practice Impact Learning System produces guaranteed, measureable results.

Continuous Improvement Solutions

Remaining competitive is not simply a matter of creating a service vision and training your employees. If you truly want to use customer experience as a form of differentiation, you need to take steps every day to go beyond your previous accomplishments. What bottlenecks can you eliminate? What redundancies can you reduce? How can skills learned in training one day be improved upon the next?. From creating solutions like step-by-step action plans, to providing on-the-job reinforcement activities, to developing teams of internal Success Coaches, you can rely on Impact to provide creative ideas and innovative tools to help you maintain momentum.