Impact Learning Systems


Customer Service Assessment

Learn where your team is on track and where they need to improve with an Impact performance assessment and follow-up coaching.

Customer Service Assessment

An Impact performance assessment, is perfect for situations where you need to:

  • Diagnose performance gaps so you can take measures to address them
  • Calibrate the uniformity of agents’ performance so your customers get a consistent experience
  • Move your team’s performance from good to great
  • Motivate agents to make changes that can dramatically improve the quality of their calls.

Performance Assessment

A member of our Performance Assessment Team will evaluate your customer service, sales, or technical support agents’ ability to:

  • Make a strong and positive connection with customers
  • Demonstrate professionalism and build loyalty
  • Efficiently handle calls and promote timely call resolution
  • Add value by selling or offering further education
  • Be a strong ambassador for your company and products


After listening to 3-5 calls, we’ll spend time with each agent giving personalized coaching so agents feel great about the areas in which they’re performing well, and understand how to improve in the areas where improvement is needed.