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Customer Service Training for Technical Support

Customer Service Training for Technical Support

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Getting to the Heart of Technical Support™

Customer Service Is an Industry Issue
Support executives identify communication skills training for their technicians as their greatest need next to technical training. It is one of the key drivers of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
Technical Support Training
While these soft skills are consistently rated as extremely important to the customer’s experience, they are often neglected when it comes to allocating the time and budgetary dollars needed for professional customer support training.

The impact of including communications skills in the customer support training curriculum is that:

  • More problems are fixed on the first call (first call resolution).
  • Technicians deliver a consistent level of service and are strong ambassadors for your brand.
  • Customers feel more satisfied in  their overall experience with your company.

The Industry’s Premier Training Solution
The solution is Getting to the Heart of Technical Support™. This training program for customer support professionals is used exclusively for TSIA’s CSP-I Technical Support Professional Certification and for CompTIA’s Customer Service Excellence accreditation.
Technical Support Training
Benefits of Implementing a World-Class Program
This program:

  • Improves customer service quality and competitiveness.
  • Creates consistency and a common service language.
  • Measurably improves customer satisfaction.
  • Increases customer referrals.
  • Reduces operating costs.

This training is perfect for help desk technicians, hardware and software support engineers, and support professionals at all levels.

Convert your concerns into positive action. Call for a demonstration of how this training program gets the results it does and why so many technology companies use this program for their customer support training.