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Diagnostic Troubleshooting™

The number one driver of customer satisfaction is the support engineer’s ability to efficiently and effectively diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. Troubleshooting goes beyond knowing how the hardware or software is constructed; it is a process for quickly and systematically finding the root cause of a problem.

Diagnostic Troubleshooting™ is designed specifically to enhance the technical troubleshooting ability of front line support engineers. As a result of this diagnostic troubleshooting training, participants will see their first-call-resolution rates and customer satisfaction scores improve while their resolution time decreases. Additionally, your team will have a consistent approach to solving problems, thereby providing a consistent customer experience and easily facilitating hand-off from Tier 1 to Tier 2 engineers.

This is the only training course used by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) for their CSP-II Diagnostic Troubleshooting Certification. It is also the only training course used by the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) for their Customer Service Excellence accreditation program.

Problem solving and critical thinking skills are essential to the diagnostic troubleshooting process. This training program teaches technicians how to apply a clear, logical, and systematic approach to problem solving using a professional troubleshooting process with an emphasis on critical thinking.

Take your customer satisfaction scores to the next level. Call and ask for the diagnostic troubleshooting skills training demo and course outline.