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Telephone Sales Training Programs

Leading organizations are approaching sales with the total customer experience in mind. Focusing on the customer’s wants, needs, and desires rather than what the company wants to sell will not only create greater sales in the short term, but build awesome customer relationships and repeat business over time.


Boost Sales With Innovative Telephone Sales Training

Can you increase sales with high-pressured sales tactics? Sure. Can you build an enthusiastic customer base in the long run? No. Leading companies today see selling as an extension of customer service. At Impact, we help your sales and customer service reps see it this way, too. With our sales training programs your reps will leave class feeling excited about their role in serving customers. They’ll be eager to let customers know about products and services that will save them money, improve their business, or make their life more meaningful in some way.

Many companies invest in telephone sales training to advance the selling skills and motivation of their sales teams. Most training does help in the short run, but if you want to achieve long-lasting results that measurably improves sales, not just any training program will do.

You see, most training programs place emphasis on the training event itself and very little on the entire learning process. Our Impact Learning System™ turns this traditional model upside down and generates measurable, long-term behavioral change in the process. The results?

  • Employees who are skilled, knowledgeable, and eager to sell
  • Loyal customers who feel served rather than pressured
  • An increase in conversions and an uptick in revenue

And the best part? It’s easy to implement and flexible, too. Sales training is available in classroom or online format, or a blend of both. We can facilitate the training or you can use our easy-to-use facilitator’s guides to do the training yourself. And we can customize the program for your specific needs at a very affordable price.

Whether you’re looking for telephone sales training for your inbound or outbound sales reps who need to prospect, sell, or manage accounts by phone, for your customer service or support reps who need to upsell or cross-sell, or for your field sales reps, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you get your sales through the roof in no time!