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In Praise of a Few Wee Questions — Asking the Right Ones at the Right Time

Recently I received an email from one of our European-based train­ers. Although his name doesn’t exactly con­jure this­tle cups and heather cov­ered crags, Kar­teek is in fact a Scot com­plete with the charm­ing accent. An inter­est­ing and tal­ented fel­low, he lives in Edin­burgh, plays the vio­lin beau­ti­fully, and has swum the Eng­lish Chan­nel an incredible […]

Never Rest on Your Laurels

Never Rest on Your Laurels

Some com­pa­nies just never stop try­ing to improve. Netezza's Tech­ni­cal Oper­a­tions Depart­ment had a cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion score of 99%. The direc­tor, John For­rest, wasn't sat­is­fied and embraced Net Pro­moter® as a way to improve even fur­ther. Net Pro­moter is both a loy­alty met­ric and a dis­ci­pline for using cus­tomer feed­back to fuel prof­itable growth. It holds […]

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