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Look What Happens When You Expect The Best

You just need to prac­tice, prac­tice, prac­tice in order to expect the best. Hello, my name is Mon­ica and I'm a So You Think You Can Dance fan. I might as well admit it; I'm pretty much hooked on all real­ity TV dance shows. Fri­day night I was in the audi­ence of the Sea­son 7 So […]

Don't Keep Your Customers in the Dark: Add Value

As a cus­tomer, how do I know what I want… if I don’t know what’s pos­si­ble? It's as though I'm blind­folded. I was on a flight recently. We’d just been advised to turn off all elec­tronic devices so I had to close my Kin­dle and was forced to choose between quiet con­tem­pla­tion and read­ing the […]

Is it Fixed Yet? — Managing Customer Expectations for Technical Support

"Are we there yet?" "Are we there yet?" "Are we there yet?" Do kids still say that? I some­times think the adult ver­sion of that old anthem is "Is it fixed yet?" Pre­tend I'm your cus­tomer. To keep from hear­ing "Is it fixed yet?" or some vari­a­tion of that ques­tion, the best sug­ges­tion I have is to […]

Technical Support and Customer Service — The Perfect Service Mashup

"What's that odd noise? That's not how my car/hard drive/dishwasher/printer usu­ally sounds." "Hey, what's going on. My screen's all blue!!" "No, no, no. Wait, that's not pop­u­lat­ing the table right. Where's the data I entered?!?" When  some­thing breaks (the air con­di­tion­ing unit in my condo, the fuel pump on my much loved, but ancient car) or doesn't work […]

Extreme Networks Wins Prestigious Support Staff Excellence Award

Extreme Networks Wins Prestigious Support Staff Excellence Award

A big con­grat­u­la­tions goes out to Extreme Net­works! They just won the Cer­ti­fied Sup­port Staff Excel­lence Cen­ter Award, at the Tech­nol­ogy Ser­vices World con­fer­ence in Sil­i­con Val­ley. Sup­port Staff excel­lence is based on a series of train­ing pro­grams for tech­ni­cal sup­port and field ser­vice staff as well as super­vi­sors and man­agers. The pro­gram fol­lows a […]

What I Learned About Field Service Today

I live in a beau­ti­ful south Florida beach town, but before you start send­ing me men­tal dag­gers, take note that it's mid May which means mid to upper 80's with daily trop­i­cal  thun­der­storms pump­ing up the humid­ity. Nat­u­rally, it's time for my HVAC unit to die. I've had field ser­vice tech­ni­cians out three times in the last month to […]

Four Ways to Show You Value Your Customers

Four Ways to Show You Value Your Customers

Per­haps it takes an eco­nomic downturn…I mean readjustment…of the scale that we've had to real­ize just how impor­tant loyal cus­tomers are to a busi­ness. It goes with­out say­ing (but I will say it any­way) that with­out cus­tomers there is no busi­ness.  But how much effort and empha­sis does your orga­ni­za­tion place on get­ting new cus­tomers versus […]

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