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Telesales Training: Tips Every Representative Should Know Jodi Beuder

Telesales Training TipsAny tele­sales rep­re­sen­ta­tive who has been on the job for more than a few min­utes knows that under­stand­ing cus­tomers is not always as easy as it sounds, espe­cially when you are try­ing to make a con­nec­tion over the phone.

Lead­ing com­pa­nies today see sell­ing as an exten­sion of cus­tomer ser­vice. In tele­sales, your prospect is most likely about to buy the prod­uct you are sell­ing – and you may very well be the first impres­sion of how your com­pany han­dles cus­tomer ser­vice. The way you treat your prospects on the phone is how they will per­ceive they will be treated once they are pay­ing customers.

So while you are sell­ing to the per­son on the phone, ensur­ing you are pre­pared is pri­or­ity num­ber one. Enthu­si­asm for your job and the prod­uct and/or ser­vice you are sell­ing is just the begin­ning. Hav­ing a fun­da­men­tal desire to serve prospects and cus­tomers by under­stand­ing their sit­u­a­tions, their prob­lems, needs, and desires and pre­sent­ing your prod­uct or ser­vice in a way that addresses those issues is vital. So how do you cover all these issues before you even pick up the phone to make that call?

Tele­sales Train­ing Tips

  • Before you pick up the phone, take notes:
    • What is my pri­mary pur­pose for the call?
    • What do I want to get out of the call?
    • What do I know about the per­son I am calling?
    • What infor­ma­tion can I pro­vide to the cus­tomer that will be a ben­e­fit to them, even if they end up not mak­ing a purchase?
    • Call the cus­tomer by their name a few times dur­ing the call: This builds rap­port and shows that you’re focus­ing your atten­tion on their needs.
    • Heavy scripted calls can be a put-off to cus­tomers on the phone. They can make the cus­tomer feel detached. If you have a script, keep it handy, but remem­ber to lis­ten to the cus­tomer, under­stand the con­text of your con­ver­sa­tion, and do every­thing you can to answer their ques­tions and assist them with their needs.
    • Stay in con­trol of the conversation.
    • Use good man­ners dur­ing a tele­sales call is impor­tant; using magic words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ will make the cus­tomer feel special.
    • Learn empa­thy. Hav­ing empa­thy for your cus­tomer is vital when it comes to bet­ter under­stand­ing their needs. Lis­ten and show con­cern and aware­ness of cus­tomers’ needs by acknowl­edg­ing their feel­ings with phrases like ‘I under­stand’ or ‘I can appreciate.’
    • Give the cus­tomer ways to stay engaged with your com­pany after they are off the phone with you. Can they fol­low you on your social media page? Does your com­pany have a Blog or Newslet­ter they can sub­scribe to? Present these options for your cus­tomer dur­ing your tele­sales call so cus­tomers can stay in touch with your brand and com­pany as a prospect or pay­ing cus­tomer (beyond the phone calls).

Ben­e­fits of Tele­sales Training

Even if you have been on the job for years, tele­sales train­ing is vital in keep­ing your skills sharp and your under­stand­ing of the cur­rent cus­tomer base needs. Sales tac­tics change as the customer’s access to infor­ma­tion changes and grows. If you are as flex­i­ble as you hope your prospect will be, your efforts will be suc­cess­ful and your goals will be met. Tele­sales is about con­sis­tency, per­sis­tence, com­mit­ment and patience. Now that you’ve obtained those skills, hon­ing in on your customer’s needs is the next step in clos­ing your sale.

Jodi Beuder, Cus­tomer Expe­ri­ence Advo­cate at Impact Learn­ing Sys­tems, believes cus­tomer ser­vice exists not just out­side the com­pany, but inside, too.. “Hav­ing excel­lent cus­tomer ser­vice skills and knowl­edge are para­mount to cre­at­ing strong work­ing rela­tion­ships, whether you are in an office or out in the field.” With over 17 years in Mar­ket­ing Exec­u­tive roles, Jodi has ded­i­cated her career to assist­ing com­pa­nies grow their brand pres­ence and sales, and most impor­tantly, their cus­tomer reten­tion and satisfaction.
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