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Telesales Training: Tips Every Representative Should Know Jodi Beuder

Telesales Training TipsAny telesales representative who has been on the job for more than a few minutes knows that understanding customers is not always as easy as it sounds, especially when you are trying to make a connection over the phone.

Leading companies today see selling as an extension of customer service. In telesales, your prospect is most likely about to buy the product you are selling – and you may very well be the first impression of how your company handles customer service. The way you treat your prospects on the phone is how they will perceive they will be treated once they are paying customers.

So while you are selling to the person on the phone, ensuring you are prepared is priority number one. Enthusiasm for your job and the product and/or service you are selling is just the beginning. Having a fundamental desire to serve prospects and customers by understanding their situations, their problems, needs, and desires and presenting your product or service in a way that addresses those issues is vital. So how do you cover all these issues before you even pick up the phone to make that call?

Telesales Training Tips

  • Before you pick up the phone, take notes:
    • What is my primary purpose for the call?
    • What do I want to get out of the call?
    • What do I know about the person I am calling?
    • What information can I provide to the customer that will be a benefit to them, even if they end up not making a purchase?
    • Call the customer by their name a few times during the call: This builds rapport and shows that you’re focusing your attention on their needs.
    • Heavy scripted calls can be a put-off to customers on the phone. They can make the customer feel detached. If you have a script, keep it handy, but remember to listen to the customer, understand the context of your conversation, and do everything you can to answer their questions and assist them with their needs.
    • Stay in control of the conversation.
    • Use good manners during a telesales call is important; using magic words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ will make the customer feel special.
    • Learn empathy. Having empathy for your customer is vital when it comes to better understanding their needs. Listen and show concern and awareness of customers’ needs by acknowledging their feelings with phrases like ‘I understand’ or ‘I can appreciate.’
    • Give the customer ways to stay engaged with your company after they are off the phone with you. Can they follow you on your social media page? Does your company have a Blog or Newsletter they can subscribe to? Present these options for your customer during your telesales call so customers can stay in touch with your brand and company as a prospect or paying customer (beyond the phone calls).

Benefits of Telesales Training

Even if you have been on the job for years, telesales training is vital in keeping your skills sharp and your understanding of the current customer base needs. Sales tactics change as the customer’s access to information changes and grows. If you are as flexible as you hope your prospect will be, your efforts will be successful and your goals will be met. Telesales is about consistency, persistence, commitment and patience. Now that you’ve obtained those skills, honing in on your customer’s needs is the next step in closing your sale.

Jodi Beuder, Customer Experience Advocate at Impact Learning Systems, believes customer service exists not just outside the company, but inside, too.. “Having excellent customer service skills and knowledge are paramount to creating strong working relationships, whether you are in an office or out in the field.” With over 17 years in Marketing Executive roles, Jodi has dedicated her career to assisting companies grow their brand presence and sales, and most importantly, their customer retention and satisfaction.
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