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The Importance of Call Center Metrics Sarah Hedayati

Metrics The Importance of Call Center MetricsAll call cen­ters know it’s impor­tant to keep track of met­rics. What they may not know is what met­rics are impor­tant to track, how to suc­cess­fully track met­rics, how to help employ­ees improve met­rics, and what you can do to moti­vate employ­ees so they reach success.

Find­ing the Right Met­rics to Monitor

There are many com­mon call cen­ter met­rics. While they’re all ben­e­fi­cial in some way, they are not all right for each call cen­ter. Instead of try­ing to tackle every met­ric avail­able, call cen­ters need to eval­u­ate which met­rics are impor­tant to the suc­cess of the com­pany. You need to ask your­self, which met­rics are most impor­tant to my cus­tomer? Which met­rics help our com­pany to be successful?

Met­rics Are Not Just About the Numbers

In addi­tion to con­sid­er­ing met­rics that mea­sure quan­tity, like aver­age speed of answer, talk time, etc., be sure to include qual­ity as an impor­tant met­ric. Tom Van­der Well wrote an arti­cle on Ser­vice Qual­ity Cen­tral explain­ing what he calls “Met­rics Decep­tion.” This idea is gen­er­ated from call cen­ters that only mea­sure the time it takes to com­plete a call or the num­ber of calls that take place.  Imag­ine what hap­pens when your call cen­ter employ­ees try to improve their aver­age han­dle time (AHT) and still don’t answer a customer’s ques­tion or fix their prob­lem. Their AHT may improve, but their first call res­o­lu­tion (FCR) rates suf­fer. Call qual­ity is an impor­tant met­ric that often gets left behind.

How to Improve Call Cen­ter Metrics

If you want to improve your call cen­ter met­rics, you need to develop a coach­ing plan to assist your call cen­ter employ­ees. Giv­ing your employ­ees a goal to meet is great, but you need to offer assis­tance to help them han­dle that goal. The fol­low­ing are some tips to get you started:

  • Cre­ate Incre­men­tal Goals – Decide on your end goal and break it up into smaller incre­ments. Employ­ees need a goal that is chal­leng­ing, but well within their reach.
  • Coach Indi­vid­u­ally – Lis­ten to recorded calls and coach employ­ees indi­vid­u­ally so they know in which areas they could make improvements.
  • Use Your­self as a model – If an employee is hav­ing trou­ble han­dling a dif­fi­cult call, step in and have your employee lis­ten to how you man­age the call.

Dis­cover What Moti­vates Your Employees

You have a goal you want your employ­ees to meet, but how do you get them excited to reach that goal? Moti­va­tors. These influ­encers help your employ­ees stay focused and com­mit­ted to the goals they have set. Moti­va­tors don’t have to be mon­e­tary. Check out Man­ag­ing and Moti­vat­ing Con­tact Cen­ter Employ­ees for some great ideas for moti­vat­ing employ­ees with­out money. Moti­va­tors are only suc­cess­ful when they are per­son­al­ized to the employee. What moti­vates one per­son might deter another.

Many com­pa­nies con­sider bench­mark­ing to com­pare them­selves to other com­pa­nies and see what to mea­sure. That’s a place to start, but if you only remem­ber one thing when it comes to call cen­ter met­rics, remem­ber to per­son­al­ize. Find the met­rics that mat­ter most to your com­pany, accu­rately mea­sure, and see your call cen­ter improve!

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11 The Importance of Call Center Metrics
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